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Vinyasa Power Flow

In Vinyasa yoga the poses are strung together to form one fluid sequence of movement. The classes are rhythmical, with a focus on connecting movement to the flow of breath.

I teach classes for all levels, with adaptations for all strengths and types of body. These classes are fast flowing and powerful so expect to get sweaty!


Yoga for rowers

As a former rower, I am very aware of the benefits of yoga for improving flexibility and strength. Don't just take my word for it, this fantastic blog post from 'Girl on the River' explains it much more eloquently than I could.

This flowing stretch & mobility class explains the poses in relation to the rowing stroke.

I have taught regular classes for Putney Town Rowing Club, Curlew Rowing Club, Wallingford Rowing Club & Twickenham Rowing Club as well as ad hoc sessions for London Rowing Club, Upper Thames Rowing Club and the American School London. 


Slow Flow

A slower, more relaxed class bringing vinyasa and yin yoga together. Expect to move and flow with your breath but also hold some of the poses for longer for a relaxing and restorative practice. 

Emma is a wonderful yoga teacher. She welcomed me into her classes when I felt nervous and put me at ease. With her teaching, I've learned to love yoga and fixed a flexibility issue that was hampering my rowing. 

Debs (CUBC) - Yoga for rowers 

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